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I'm Michael!

(otherwise known as an ewok 🐻 )

As you may or may not be able to tell, I'm a professional music producer and audio engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. I work with a variety of different artists in a variety of genres, producing anything from music, to dialogue recording, and any other avante garde audio extravanganza that you might have in mind.

Here on the website you'll find a list of what I do, as well as some glimpses of the work I've done in the past!

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History of an Ewok

From the Beatles to ABBA, Pink Floyd to Fleetwood Mac or Nirvana to N.W.A; to say my musical upbringing, education, and career has been eclectic is an understatement. Nevertheless, this inherent chaos is something that has fostered a deep personal belief in art that I still hold true today.


For the past 15 years I have dedicated my life to pushing the boundaries of my own professional limits and musical progression. From performing, writing and producing throughout secondary school and finishing with a Certificate III in Music Industry Skills, I began taking advantage of a world amidst a new digital revolution; one in which my skills within DAW’s such as Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton were quickly harnessed and provided a tangible solution to produce the content I had always been hearing in my head.

Eventually after continually recording as a musician and producing/engineering on commercial releases, I took my skills beyond what that ABBA loving child thought was possible and undertook my Bachelor in Audio Engineering and Sound Production. From sound design to advanced production techniques, building electronic circuitry to the power and knowledge of acoustic theory and beyond, the skills I learnt and the connections I made during this time are among the most valuable I've gained in the industry.

Over the years since I’ve been fortunate enough to work on both analogue and digital consoles from SSL, Harrison, Amek, Toft, Avid and yet today, amidst these classic consoles of old, we yet again find ourselves in a new age of content creation.

While new opportunities present themselves to almost anyone that has access to readily available software, the lack of proper education in audio production can be an often dangerous minefield to have to navigate; which is why the true art and science of audio engineering is now more important than ever before. Today, hand in hand with artists of the future, my aspiration is to work with like-minded creatives who are determined on shaping the future of the music and audio/visual industry together.


Feel free to hit me up and chat about your projects!

0403 127 009

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